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Navigating Relationship Safety: Assessing Needs and Wants

As humans, we are designed to thrive on connections. We actively seek out relationships, and want to both love and be loved in return. In doing so, we put our trust in the other pe...  more  

Red Flags & Relationships: How our childhood experiences can shape our own parenting

Red flags - a phrase often used casually in conversation or on social media - deserve serious consideration in the realm of relationships. Those fleeting moments when a new or pote...  more  

Love and neediness: how attachment styles can affect our relationships

Love - we’re so used to hearing it talked about in day to day life that we often forget what it actually looks like, or even what it is. Love is talked about as being a ‘ set of ...  more  

Taking a stand - why your feelings matter too

How many times have we wondered why people seem so eager to walk all over us? To seemingly ignore our own wants and needs in favour of our own when all we do is accommodate them. ...  more  

The Power of I - taking responsibility for yourself

The idea of taking personal responsibility can be overwhelming. So often we hear that we ‘just need to take ownership’ or need to ‘hold ourselves accountable’ - but it’s rarely exp...  more  

Choose to love, even when you struggle to like

While we all want to believe that the road for any relationship should be smooth and easy to navigate - that isn’t always the case. Even the strongest of relationships can run into...  more  

'To Give and Not Expect Return...'

Relationships are built on a foundation of a number of elements - love, trust and respect among them. Each day we focus on trying to strengthen these elements, adding to them if ne...  more  

New Year, New You

We are all familiar with the concept that on January 1st we should all magically be able to change habits or behaviours that we struggle with, and adopt new ‘better’ habits almost ...  more  

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

For some the season of twinkling fairy lights, presents, decorating the tree and Christmas parties is pure joy. For others, it's the most stressful time of the year. Whether you’re...  more  

Changing Seasons: Learning to cope with inevitable change

If you feel the gentle tug of anxiety creeping back in as the nights draw in and the weather turns then you aren’t alone. Studies estimate that around 5% of the population suffers ...  more