With Christmas, New Year and even Valentine's Day now distant memories, we can start to look forward to the longer days and brighter evenings of spring. 


It's traditional to crave a ‘fresh start' at the beginning of the new year or even around September time when everyone has that ‘back to school' feeling, but focusing on new goals and opportunities at these times of the year can often come with added pressure to achieve. 


With spring starting to blossom around us and the world beginning to emerge from its winter slumber, it offers the opportune moment to reflect on ourselves and our lives and carve out a new beginning free from undue pressure.


But what does a new beginning entail?

If you're feeling stuck in a rut or feeling somewhat lost in life, now might be the ideal time to take proactive steps to crafting a life you desire and becoming the best version of yourself.


It could be as straightforward as changing your career path, revamping your wardrobe or redecorating your house to give you that new beginning buzz. Alternatively, it could be about staying open to change and seizing any potential new opportunities heading your way.


It is about recognising your worth, understanding what areas you lacked in previously and using them to create success for yourself in the future. 


This could be done in the form of writing a list, keeping it tucked away for future reference and reconnecting with it on a regular basis, reminding yourself of how far you've come or what you still have to work towards.


It can also be helpful to use visualisation techniques when trying to recognise your self-worth - picture in your mind how you see yourself in the future and when you're not feeling so positive, think what would your future self do? Would he/she care about the same things you're worrying yourself over?

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So, what aspects should we focus on to achieve new beginnings?

Before being able to fully embrace a new beginning, it's crucial to come to terms with your past. What has happened previously is done and cannot be undone or changed, so it's time to accept and move on. A helpful way to do this is to reflect on the emotions you felt during any particular events. Did it make you feel angry, disappointed or even scared at the time? How does it make you feel now? Think about how you can prevent it happening again in future or how you would deal with it differently.


Ultimately, we want to be able to learn from past mistakes or events, both good and bad, and use these to make informed decisions for the future. It can be cathartic to write a letter to yourself, noting down the events and your feelings surrounding them and giving yourself permission to move on.


We also need to assess the relationships in our lives and the impact they are having on us. Sometimes, letting go of those who bring any negativity into our lives is necessary for our own wellbeing. 


It can be tricky to recognise if someone is bringing negativity to your life. There are obvious traits, such as lying to you or just generally bringing a negative energy into your space, however there are also some less obvious ones to look out for. Does someone in your life want you to change? If someone in your life expects you to be different or do something you don't necessarily agree with, it's time to reevaluate your relationship with them. The same goes for anyone who you feel doesn't value you and doesn't make time for you, expecting you to always rearrange your schedule to suit them.


Making plans and setting goals can also help you stay focused and is a great way to reflect on your life and what you want to achieve. These goals go hand in hand with saying ‘yes' and taking more risks more regularly in life, which although can be daunting, is key to a new beginning. Try to see what you previously thought of as scary as an exciting opportunity instead and grab it with both hands. 

Embracing new beginnings together

It's not uncommon for both individuals, couples and even families to lose their direction. 


Busy schedules and the responsibilities of parenthood can be a big contribution to the sense of disconnect between partners. Reflecting on your shared dreams and aspirations can help reignite your connection and help foster a sense of unity as you work together to pursue your goals.


Applying the points above as a couple or family can help in the same way. Taking the time to evaluate your relationships with each other and openly discussing what works and what doesn't can be incredibly beneficial for everyone involved.


Reflecting on ourselves as individuals, as a couple and as a family is an essential part of our growth and development. Setting aside time to think about and evaluate your thoughts, motivations and desires and addressing issues and making change can pave the way to a more fulfilling life.

If you feel as if you have lost your way as an individual or even as a couple or family, counselling could offer you the help you need. Why not get in touch with me on 07305 920 437 for a chat.