"Happiness begins from within.
Others cannot give us happiness, and nor can they take it away."





Isabelle, your therapist in Salford


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Helping you find happiness from within

I am a counsellor but first of all I am a human being and I recognised that there are times when life is challenging and we feel stuck and don't seem to have any answers.

I see myself as a genuine, understanding, empathetic, approachable and non-judgemental person. I would hope these qualities would help build a rapport between yourself and myself. I regularly attend training courses, workshops to learn new skills to maintain a high standard in my practice.  I also work within the NHS and counsel staff who mainly bring work-related issues but also personal issues.


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Counselling in Salford
For couples and relationships

I believe that to be happy in a relationship, you need to be happy within yourself. Happiness is more than having things, it's about self-acceptance, self-love, living in the present moment, being able to express your needs and wants while paying your attention to self-care.

English or French-Speaking Counselling
Helping me to understand you

I am a French native. This means that I understand how difficult it is to build a life in another country, learning to live in a different culture and speak a different language. I am aware of the anxieties and loneliness which can often be experienced in moving to a foreign country.



My journey to becoming a Salford-based counsellor

From a young age, I have myself struggled with loss, traumas and relationships, which resulted in low moods, low self-esteem and unhappiness. I received counselling while going through my diploma studies, and this helped me find my true self. Counselling helped me to understand myself, my behaviours, and I therefore learned to accept the person I had become, enabling me to make the changes to be happier within.

My passion of wanting to help others has become much stronger as I realised that being listened to in a non-judgemental environment, being accepted for the person I was gave me that strength to move forward and to be happy within. I want to be able to empower others.

Having understood my past, by exploring my difficulties in therapy, helped me to be the person I am today. Life is a journey and it can be very tough, therefore by learning to be in the present, having self-compassion, and looking after myself, helps me to go through it. I want to support finding peace within too.

I find it helpful to keep myself up-to date with the latest counselling techniques, and enjoy reading widely to keep my theoretical knowledge strong. By the end of this year, I will be able to work with families. Being a mother of three children, I understand the worries of being a parent, how the relationships with teenagers can be strained. My passion is to help my clients break the cycle of learned behaviours to enable them to become the person they want to be.

Outside my profession, I love nature, which is my happy place, where I can self-reflect and take some time to recharge. I love spending time with family and friends. Travelling, exercising and animals, reading and learning!

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  • Counselling Children & Young People Certificate
  • Working with Families Certificate
  • Certificate in Working with Trauma and PTSD
  • Certificate in Couples and Relationship Counselling
  • Certificate in Supervision
  • Certificate in Transactional Analysis 101
  • NLP Practitioner Certificate
  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Diploma in the Theory and Practice in Counselling
  • Happiness Life Coach Certificate
  • Introduction to Working with Couples Online