"Every time you make a commitment to your own self-care and self-respect and then follow through, you build trust in yourself."

Miranda J. Barrett



Individual and Relationship counselling Services 

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How my counselling works:

I use an integrative approach using a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and motivational techniques to look at your mental, physical and emotional needs. I offer professional and confidential therapy in a safe environment for your issues and experiences to be understood and accepted. I am a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I am able to offer short-term or long-term therapy to suit your needs. You can book sessions individually or buy a block of sessions, (6, 9, or 12 sessions) with a discount of 10%.



Individual Counselling

£50 for individuals

In these counselling sessions, you will have the chance to talk about your thoughts and feelings, and how these might affect your behaviour in a safe and confidential environment. Sometimes, simply articulating a problem or troubling memory for the first time can be enormously helpful. With myself as a qualified and experienced counsellor to talk you through these thoughts, it enables you to manage your feelings more easily. Many people harbour feelings of anger or sadness due to things that have happened in their past. You don’t have to carry these emotions by yourself. Likewise, if you are suffering from low self-esteem or moods, I am here to help, through 121Counselling in Salford. This counselling can help you better understand the reasons behind your low feelings, and enable you to manage them, as well as helping you to understand yourself more.

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Relationship Counselling

£60 for couples

If your relationship has been under stress recently, you may well find yourself benefiting from couple counselling. This is a talking therapy where you can chat freely and openly about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour within a relationship. This can often help you understand your partner better, and also help them understand you better. In this way, you can relate more easily, and appreciate each other’s motivations and thoughts, which goes a long way towards bringing a couple closer again. This counselling also helps you communicate more effectively between each other, allowing you to express your needs and expectations.

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A Salford counsellor listening to anyone in need in the wider UK

Do you have low moods, low self-esteem, or anxiety? Is life challenging for you, and not as satisfying as you would like it to be? Do you recognise that you are dealing with issues from your past that may be affecting your current life? Do you have problems with your family or any other relationships?

I work with relationships issues, childhood issues, low moods, anxiety, self-esteem, confidence and through that, working on strategies to solve and manage these issues so you can find happiness.






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