"Thoughts create emotions, emotions create feelings and feelings create behaviours. So it's very important that our thoughts are positive, to attract the right people, events and circumstances into our lives."

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To feel happier and more in control of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours, are you aware of these important points?

  • If you have a self-awareness of what you do or you don't do, it will help to make changes to feel better in herself.
  • Self-care is very important as it will help you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. It helps you to be happier around people as well as managing others behaviour better. Self-care does not have to be expensive. Walking, running, reading, listening to meditation, spending time alone, or listening to music: these will have a big impact on your emotional and mental health. Be aware how you talk to yourself, so keep practising self-compassion and self-kindness.
  • Exercising is also very important to support you with your physical health (heart, bones, muscles, and maintaining a good weight) and with your emotional and mental health. It can increase your self-esteem, confidence, help with sleeping better and help with reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Mindfulness helps to regulate our emotions, and to decrease the anxiety and stress of daily life. Learning to be in the present is a wonderful skill to learn. We cannot change the past, we cannot predict the future but we are in control of what we can do in the present. Therefore it teaches us to be more in the present.
  • Healthy eating is so important to as it will help with your moods and energy levels therefore will keep on track with motivation, to feel stronger physically and mentally. It will give you to the focus your need to manage tasks, work and support yourself as well as others.
  • Sleep is very important as lack of sleep will have certainly have an impact on your moods, feeling tired therefore struggling to do things, not having the ability to look after yourself. I find that listening to sleep hypnosis/ meditation in the evening or while falling asleep help me a lot. Meditation gives a sense of feeling calm and at peace.
  • Assertiveness is an important tool to practice as it is the key to communication. It helps with feeling valued, heard, being recognised and it will boost your self-esteem and confidence.

121Counselling in Salford have a wide range of approaches to help you tackle any emotional or psychological problems you may be facing.

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If you need counselling urgently, or you have an emotional emergency, you can also contract these organisations and helplines:

Samaritans : 116123
Mind : 0300 123 3393
SANE : 0300 304 7000
CALM : 0800 585858
Papyrus : 0800 0684141
CRUSE : 0808 8081677
National Bereavement Partnership : 0800 448 080

Meditation Apps

You can also use these apps to obtain online counselling on your phone:

  • Headspace
  • Calm
  • Free Mind







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