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Navigating the Waves: Surviving vs. Thriving in Your Relationship

Navigating a relationship can be a tricky process; some couples merely weather the storms, while others sail smoothly, thriving in the sunlight and leaving a calm wake behind them....  more  

Yuletide Zen: Unwrapping tips to manage your emotions during the festive season

Christmas can be an emotional time for many reasons: just seeing the fairy lights, inhaling the seasonal scents and taking in the festive window displays in your favourite shops ca...  more  

Stress Management in Relationships: Navigating the Storm Together

Sadly, stress is an inevitable part of life and it can take a toll on our well-being, especially in the context of relationships and families. As we come into the winter months, it...  more  

Mental Health Awareness Month: Shedding Light on Winter Blues

The changing seasons can often bring with them a sense of uncertainty and instability. For some this is entirely manageable, whereas for others it causes a mental shift that can be...  more  

Navigating Relationship Safety: Assessing Needs and Wants

As humans, we are designed to thrive on connections. We actively seek out relationships, and want to both love and be loved in return. In doing so, we put our trust in the other pe...  more  

Red Flags & Relationships: How our childhood experiences can shape our own parenting

Red flags - a phrase often used casually in conversation or on social media - deserve serious consideration in the realm of relationships. Those fleeting moments when a new or pote...  more  

Nurturing the Inner Child: The Power of Self Soothing and Reparenting

In our lifelong journey of learning to understand ourselves, work on our emotional wellbeing and develop our emotional intelligence, it is understandable that there may come times ...  more  

Love and neediness: how attachment styles can affect our relationships

Love - we’re so used to hearing it talked about in day to day life that we often forget what it actually looks like, or even what it is. Love is talked about as being a ‘ set of ...  more  

Taking a stand - why your feelings matter too

How many times have we wondered why people seem so eager to walk all over us? To seemingly ignore our own wants and needs in favour of our own when all we do is accommodate them. ...  more  

The Power of I - taking responsibility for yourself

The idea of taking personal responsibility can be overwhelming. So often we hear that we ‘just need to take ownership’ or need to ‘hold ourselves accountable’ - but it’s rarely exp...  more