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Happiness in a Relationship

It’s a phrase that we hear a lot: “He is happily married”, or “They are in a happy relationship.” But what exactly does it mean to be happy in a relationship? Does it mean never a...  more  

Triggers - The Third Partner in a Relationship

Unresolved trauma can have the ability to manifest into triggers and have a damaging effect on relationships, more so with partners. One way triggers can emerge can be how we rep...  more  

When Three Becomes a Crowd

The arrival of a baby can feel like a magical time, an exciting journey into parenthood. And with the new arrival comes the expectation of sleepless nights, endless bottle feeds, a...  more  

The Importance of Happiness and Communication within Families

In today’s environment relationships can be put under a lot of stress. From financial worries, our children’s education, and wellbeing, to everyday family struggles. This impacts n...  more  

Unresolved Trauma and the Impact on Relationships

Unresolved trauma can not only have an impact on the survivor, but also on their relationships and those around them.  more  

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